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The Wired Fast Food Network was launched in 2011, a well-known Ukrainian businessman Yuriy Anatolievich Kosyuk («Our Ripe», «Easy» and many others). In the first year, 4 restaurants were opened, in which all business processes were worked out.
In 2015, the company is separated into a separate project, and it begins its development as a franchise network. The first franchise restaurant opens in Gulliver shopping mall, in July 2015. Over the next year, about 30 franchise restaurants are opened.
The company pays its efforts for constant development, which is why it was honored with honors:
  • 2012 - recognized as the best employer of the year;
  • 2012 - recognized by the industry leader, according to the National Business Rating of Ukraine;
  • 2013 - Enterprise of the Year, according to the International Business Rating, the League of the Best;
  • 2015 - recognized as the leader of the industry, according to the National Business Rating of Ukraine;
  • 2015 is a franchise for the Wired Fast Foods Network, wins in the "Best Cheap Franchise" nomination, and is recognized as the "Best Franchise 2015" (;
  • 2016 - the company wins in the nomination "Ukraine's Choice".