Brioche bun, mayonnaise, confit duck, tomato, iceberg salad, relish + present coca cola 0,5
65.00 uah
1570 g
299.00 uah
103 g
buns of wheaten, pickled cucumber, chicken cutlet,  Remulado sauce
23.00 uah
106 g
wheat bun, marinated onion, marinated cucumber, beef cutlet, Ketchup Sauce, Mustard sauce
23.00 uah
wheat square bun, Iceberg salad, spicy strips, Mayonnaise sauce
50.00 uah
“Wheat loaf with sesame, mayonnaise sauce, fresh ogre, iceberg lettuce, pom_dor, make a juicy chicken meat and sir toast.”
59.00 uah
265 g
wheat square bun, onion, fresh tomato, toast cheese, 3 slices of chicken fillet, bacon, Mustard sauce, Ketchup sauce
67.00 uah
200 g
Sweet Briis bun, blue onion, Iceberg salad, fresh tomato, two juicy beef chops, toast cheese, toasted bacon and sauce
65.00 uah
327 g
Cuttlefish wheat bread, Mayonnaise sauce, marinated onion, Iceberg salad, juicy chicken meat, tomato, toast cheese and brandy sauce "Asia".
79.00 uah
Black baguette, mayonnaise sauce, redis, fish fillet and toast cheese.
69.00 uah
Wheat loaf with sesame, BBQ sauce, pickle ogre, pickle caps, special steak, Iceberg lettuce, and sir toast
79.00 uah
1033 g
wheat bun with sesame seeds, Iceberg salad, pickled cucumber, onion, 6 slices of toast cheese, whole beef cutlet, Relish, Remulado sauce
249.00 uah
28.00 uah
bun of wheat, marinated cucumber, 2 chicken cutlets, 2 toast cheeses, Remulado sauce
47.00 uah
bun of wheat, marinated onion, marinated cucumber, beef cutlet, toast cheese, ketchup sauce, mustard sauce
28.00 uah
bun of wheat, marinated onion, marinated cucumber, 2 beef cutlet, 2 toast cheese, ketchup sauce, мustard sauce
47.00 uah