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Purchase facts
30% of our restaurants paid off or paid for half a year,
60% - on average year, 10% - according to preliminary data, they can pay back for more than 1.5 years
On average, one restaurant earns a monthly income of $ 2,000 to $ 7,000.
90% of franchises that have been working half a year have already opened a second restaurant, 10% have opened or opened the 3rd restaurant
Get ready to take the city!
A down payment in cities with a population of
- up to 50000 people - 85000 UAH.
- more than 50 000 people - 130000 UAH.
Marketing fee - 0,5% of turnover
Royalties - 2,5%.
Investment in business - from 450000 to 650000 UAH. The investment includes: necessary equipment, furniture, inventory, software, special clothes, etc.
Costs for forming the raw material balance - $ 50000
Repair. The cost of repairs is calculated individually, and depends on the condition of the premises
On the territory of the Republic of Belarus, the Wings network is represented as "Wings". Site acting on the territory of the Republic of Belarus
What is included in the package of franchising "Wings"?
• Selection or help in picking up a room
• Expert analysis of your chosen location.
• Analysis and advice when signing the Lease Agreement
• Assistance in registering a Physical Person Pursuing Entrepreneurial Activity or Individual Entrepreneur, a cash register, obtaining a license, and so on
• Preparation of the calculation of the effectiveness of investments
• Preparation of a technological project
• Establish logistics and work with suppliers.
• Selection and training of staff (except for travel and accommodation costs of employees)
• Transfer of the entire set of company standards
• Necessary documentation for your business
• Well-established and proven business processes
• Adjustable software
• Design layouts
• Advice and support throughout the franchise agreement

For what time from the moment of signing the contract you can open a restaurant?
Typically, the opening of the restaurant takes 40 days, but in the case of significant repairs premises, the timing may vary, due to the delay in construction work.
Can I enlist my construction team to carry out repairs?
Yes. We recommend the involvement of local construction teams, as it is usually more sparingly. At the same time, if you need it, we will recommend brigades with whom already worked.
I have not experience in the restaurant business, will I manage this business?
Cooperation in franchising, it is precisely the transfer of experience and knowledge.
Almost all of our franchises did not have relevant experience in the restaurant business. Many did not have experience in business in general.
Did you have any cases of closing franchising restaurants?
There were. In this case, the success of the business depended not only from us, but also on how much our franchising partner is serious about business.
Disadvantages of your franchise?
We are still a young network. Despite the fact that we worked for several years have process business model, before we start franchising, we are still constantly changing. We believe that we need to improve our marketing and quality in our restaurants. At the same time, it should be noted that when we completely solve these issues, our franchise will become much more expensive)